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Introductory Meeting

  1. About us.
  2. Understanding your needs.
  3. Identifying and connecting members.
  4. Opportunities to promote your Brand.

Solutions Meeting

  1. Products based on function and budget.
  2. Clearly defined pricing for your order.
  3. Order management and fulfillment.
  4. Create and manage webstores.
  5. Credits available through Primo Partnership.

Order Generation And Approvals

  1. Timelines defined for production and delivery.
  2. Artwork proofs for each application.
  3. Fulfillment and shipping for your projects.
  4. Follow up and data for your order.
  5. Royalties paid or credits applied. 

Follow Up And Partnership Commitment

  1. Calendar created for future events.
  2. Customer check-ins to stay connected.
  3. Opportunities to network with over 4,000 business, schools and organizations.