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Racing Shirts

Hey race fans, 
My name is Jeff Lueschen and I'm the racing artist at Primo Custom Race Shirts. Ever since I was a little kid my favorite thing to draw was cars (I loved Ed Roth Big Daddy Rat Fink).

In 1974, I went to my first dirt race at Little Joe Shaheen's Speedway in Springfield, Illinois, and was hooked. In 1979, I got a job at a local t-shirt silkscreen shop and started bringing in the race jobs, which led to owning my own screen printing shop in 1987, turning out close to 80 race jobs a year. From 1998 to 2008, I worked for 3 different race shops around the country, plus had my own shirts printed at Primo Designs. 

Then in 2008, Primo's owner, Len Naumovich, asked me if I'd be interested in teaming up with Primo's to start Primo Custom Race Shirts and that's where we're at today.